Brendan Cherry
Cinematographer / Camera Assistant

Farewell Madeleine (2015)

Dir. Tim Smith
Camera: Arriflex SR3
Prod. Zara Sengstock
Lenses: Cinema Products Ultra

Farwell Madeleine is a 10 minute short film which follows the relationship between Jim and Puck after they get stuck at the Madeleine Music and Arts Festival.

Production was undertaken over 3 days in the Victorian Coastal town of Lorne, shot on location at Allenvale Cottages.  Working on a budget of just $5000 a crew of 11 was used, with 2 actors. The film is shot on S16mm with an Arriflex SR3, on rolls of 50D and 250D.

Farwell Madeleine is currently in Post Production with a planned release in the 2016 festival circuit.

Main Credits
Director: Tim Smith
Producer: Zara Sengstock
Cinematographer: Brendan Cherry
Production Designer: Maddie Latomanski
Editor: Nikita Dunovits-Ferrier