Brendan Cherry
Cinematographer / Camera Assistant

Phuong Hoang (2017)
Short film

Dir. Tim Smith
Camera: Arri Alexa
Prod. Riley Muscat & Zara Sengstock
Lenses: Cooke Panchros

Phuong Hoang is a 20min Vietnamese crime drama about a boy who becomes involved in a street gang and murder plot after the discovery of another side of his father.

Principal photography was undertaken over a gruelling 7 days in a mixture of day and night in August of 2016. Pickups included several news scenes as well as establishing shots for some locations, filmed several weeks later. With a budget of over $12,000, the production was shot on location in various suburbs of Melbourne as well as in Geelong. The Arri Alexa was used with the vintage Cooke Panchros lenses.

Phuong Hoang is currently awaiting distribution in the Melbourne festival circuit.

Cast includes Ferdinand Hoang, Peter Noic, Wahyu Kapa & Ezra Bix


Director: Tim Smith
Producer: Riley Muscat & Zara Sengstock
Cinematographer: Brendan Cherry
Production Designer: Nikita Dunovits-Ferrier
Editor: Sean Birchall & Tim Smith