I spent a great deal of my childhood dreaming. Hours of every day would be spent on the trampoline in the backyard filling my mind with stories and visualising the books that I would obsess over. This obsession has transferred over to cinematography, and the trampoline has changed to exploring the wild, often through running.
Despite the solo nature of my trampoline dreaming (and to some extent my trail running), I consider myself a deeply collaborative person with the aim to be involved in a project from pre until post.
Brendan Cherry is a freelance cinematographer based in Melbourne.  While currently swept up in commercial and online content he has a strong drive to create and capture stories in the form of both narrative drama & in heartfelt but visually driven documentary.
I'm especially keen to collaborate with new faces, so please do get in touch.

brendanjcherry at gmail dot com

-Nationals Distinction '24 Corporate Branded Content - CommGames
-Gold '23 ACS Vic Corporate Branded Content - CommGames
-Silver '22 ACS Vic Corporate Branding - PTP 2022
-Gold '18 ACS Vic Student - Mister Herschell Doco

I connect with emotion. I connect with movement. Sometimes that movement is a certain stillness, but there is energy to it; other times it is fast paced. I love a motivated camera move & a moody naturalistic approach. But above all, I want emotion. Does this living room we are filming in feel real? Does this family have an old grandma who still calls on the landline? Do the kids jump on the trampoline and yell at the neighbours kids? Where are the textures? The broken arm that tells another story? Whether they are 'genuine' people, or hired talent, I wish to look into their eyes and connect. Feel what they are feeling. I want this in real life too. Deep connections filled with nuance, but also laughter, this is what I enjoy. I love to capture this, whether in a documentary setting, or in a world that we create. How good is creating? How good is collaborating & teamwork? Like many dps I'm not filming every day, but I do wake up every day knowing that I was made for this job.
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